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The Eichelberger Pavilion is a new two-story 700-seat event space in Dayton’s Carillon Historical Park. Stanton Millworks completed more than 25,000 linear feet of standing and running trim for this project. Check more Community Spaces, and award-winning projects in Dayton featuring Stanton’s handiwork.

Brady Kress, president and CEO of Dayton History, has described the space as similar to the famous ballroom from Beauty and the Beast. A grand stair leads to a second floor mezzanine and Stanton Millworks created the custom railing.

The railing features a custom design inspired by a balcony from James Ritty’s Pony House Restaurant, seen in the historic picture included below. Jame Ritty was not only a restaurant owner but also the inventor of the cash register. With no physical railing available to duplicate, designs originated only from the old photograph. The minor differences stem from modern code requirements—otherwise, the likeness is undeniable.

The mezzanine also features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking an outdoor event garden space. Stanton Millworks completed all window trim, as well as the wall trim. The vanities in all restroom are also our creations.

The radius casing and crown was created in house, using Stanton’s newly acquired Mikron Multi-Moulder & Router machine. Check out another project that used the Mikron Router.

The final result is an elegant, fairy-tale inspired Eichelberger Pavilion, ready for the community and guests to enjoy.

Grand stair at Eichelberger Pavilion
Grand stair at Eichelberger Pavilion
Chandeliers at Carillon Park event space
Detail of grand stair railing at Carillon Park
Detail of custom railing at Eichelberger Pavilion
Detail of lights and custom railing at Eichelberger Pavilion
Wall trim on the mezzanine
Window trim
Chandeliers and railing
Bathroom vanity at Carillon Park event space
Bathrooms at Eichelberger Pavilion

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