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Tisdel Distributing is a high-end residential kitchen appliances distributor. When Tisdel Distributing relocated and combined its offices and showroom, Stanton Millworks completed an extensive package of custom casework, panels, and more.

The showroom features several display kitchens. The client customized each casework package for its unique vignette. Stanton Millworks rose to the challenge of creating a wide variety of looks and styles. Much of the work used painted maple or laminate, except for the demo kitchen which used Walnut that was stained to match the color of the coordinated laminate. The team’s dedication to detail provided the elite, luxury finish that Tisdel is known for.

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Scope included:

  • Reception Desk and surrounding plastic laminate ceiling and wall panels
  • Fourteen (14) quartz counter tops
  • Seven (7)  sets of LPC cabinets, of varying size
  • Four different orders of LPC wall panels, including part of a digital wall display

Check out another digital wall display Stanton Millworks helped bring to life. 

  • Four (4) island counters
  • Vanities, bases and mirror frames for the restrooms
  • Seven (7) wood walls

The project featured three (3) custom wire mesh light surrounds and (1) chemetal hood cover to wrap around the stainless commercial hoods. These large wire mesh hood covers have a poplar painted frame and brass trim. The bar vignette showcases a bar die-wall with laminated panels and chemetal reveals.  

reception area at Tisdel Distributing Showroom
digital display wall
high-end display kitchen
Tisdel showroom
display kitchen at Tisdel Distributing Showroom
wide shot of showroom of kitchen equipment
kitchen showroom
wide view of vignette in showroom
bar vignette in showroom
display kitchen at Tisdel Distribution and showroom
high-end kitchen in Tisdel Distributing Showroom
high-end display dining space at Tisdel

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