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Stanton Millworks provides a wide array of services to meet the needs of our clients. Download our Services brochure [1] for a comprehensive overview of our capabilities.

Stanton Millworks is involved with a project during document development. Stanton will provide insight on construction, feasibility, availability of materials and schedule.

Stanton Millworks will assist in the design and selection of materials for each project. Once the design is complete, a rendering will be developed.

Progress Schedule
Stanton Millworks will provide a schedule outlining all critical items and the completion date. The schedule will be continuously monitored and updated as the project progresses.

Stanton Millworks will establish and maintain a system to review and submit shop drawings and samples for architectural approval, expediting long-lead items.

Stanton Millworks can provide finishes as each project requires.

Stanton Millworks will provide installation as each project requires.

Stanton Millworks provides a one year warranty on all projects.

Historical Restoration
Stanton Millworks can provide reproduction or restoration of historic millwork.

CNC Machine
The CNC machine allows Stanton Millworks to more efficiently produce the design and turn it into a finished product.