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Stanton Millworks Services

Stanton Millworks provides a wide array of services to meet the needs of our clients.


Stanton Millworks welcomes the opportunity to get involved with a project during its development stage. Our Clients have come to rely on the benefits of seeking our input early in the life of their project. We can provide high-level budgeting, insight on construction methods, design feasibility, material and hardware selections and proper scheduling advice.

Stanton Millworks can provide valuable assistance in the design and selection of materials for each project. 3D renderings are available. Our Laser Etching and CNC Technology work together to produce intricate designs and endlessly customizable solutions.

Project Schedule
Stanton Millworks will provide a schedule outlining all critical items and the completion date. The schedule will be continuously monitored and updated as the project progresses.

Stanton Millworks will establish and maintain a system to review and submit shop drawings and samples for architectural approval, expediting long-lead items.

Factory Finishing
Stanton Millworks will provide any AWI finish system as each project requires. We are routinely complimented on the quality of our finish work.

Stanton Millworks will provide installation by on staff, OSHA Certified, carpenters as each project requires.

Stanton Millworks provides a one year warranty on all projects.

Historical Restoration
Stanton Millworks can provide reproduction or restoration of historic millwork.

Stanton Millworks utilizes the latest 3D modeling and manufacturing software, combined with multiple CAM technologies, dedicated work centers, and automated processes. Our use of technology continuously evolves, allowing Stanton Millworks to more efficiently produce consistent high-end work throughout our entire process.