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Fiery Hen is a new restaurant in downtown Cincinnati specializing in Nashville Style Hot Chicken, Brisket, Burgers, and Moonshine. It “aims to bring Southern Spice, aided by Cincy Charm, to the downtown corridor.” Stanton Millworks was enlisted to bring the special touch of rustic country quality to the woodwork that permeates the vibrant space.

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The project combined a variety of materials, from maple to pine, and laminate to reclaimed barn wood. It would be nearly impossible to enjoy a meal at Fiery Hen without touching something that was crafted and installed by the Stanton Millworks team. And you certainly can’t miss the incredible trellis that fills the overhead space. The trellis was crafted out of (14) 1×6 pre-finished pine wood, and its shape gives the whimsical suggestion of a barn roof to immerse guests in the down-home country atmosphere.

Other highlights of the scope include building and installing:

  • Installation of a stunning feature wall using reclaimed barn wood, provided by the Owner (perhaps all the way from Nashville).
  • (2) banquette seats from maple
  • (7) 2×12 pre-finished maple wood shelves
  • A quartz bar top with LED strip light, foot rail, and purse hooks
  • Maple wood chair rail and base throughout the walls of the main space and along the corridor to the bathrooms
  • Back bar, including the LPC (laminatE) bar top and (18) LF of LPC (laminate) base cabinets under the counter.

Fun fact: Fiery Hen is next door to Court Street Lobster Bar, which features more handcrafted Stanton Millworks creations!

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